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When individuals across the country experience injuries or suffered losses because of a common product, person, or company, then they can take civil action through mass tort litigation against the liable parties. Our Wichita mass tort attorneys can review your claim and file an action on your behalf. Learn more about the process by calling Hutton & Hutton Law Firm, LLC today.

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Mass tort claims commonly arise from:

  • Pharmaceutical tort: Defective or dangerous drugs can injure millions of victims at a time across the country. Victims who have suffered hazardous side effects can pursue a mass tort claim.
  • Consumer product claims: Millions of consumers can be injured by the same product or company. We can help you file a consumer mass tort claim.
  • Environmental torts: Victims who have suffered health or property damage due to environmental hazards caused by corporations can pursue a mass tort against the liable parties. Examples are toxic spills, oil spills, and other types of mass environmental disasters.

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Mass Torts vs. Class Actions

While mass torts and class action lawsuits may sound similar, the difference lies in the way that each is handled. In a class action suit, there is typically one trial in one court for all the plaintiffs in the suit. In a mass tort proceeding, all the cases undergo the necessary pre-trial investigations and work, and are each then sent back to the local courts that were filed in. Unlike a class action claim, mass torts are treated as individuals. This allows each individual to recover damages and remedies that are unique to their claim.

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