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Surgeons are some of the most respected doctors in the medical community. The education, training, and skill that it takes to become a surgeon is unequaled. While surgeons may be the best of the best, they are still human – which means they make mistakes. If you are a victim of such a mistake and have suffered serious personal injury as a result, then you deserve compensation.

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Types of Surgical Errors

Anesthesia Errors

Patients can experience extreme pain, complications, or wrongful death if the wrong dosage of anesthetic is used. Too little anesthesia could cause the patient to wake up in the middle of a procedure or to experience “anesthesia awareness”, where they are awake during their procedure, but unable to speak or move. If too much anesthetic is used, then the patient could suffer from anesthesia overdose, resulting in severe injury or even death.

Wrong Surgical Procedure

Miscommunication, a mix-up of paperwork, or simple negligence can lead to a surgeon performing the wrong operation on a patient. When this occurs, the patient not only continues to suffer from the condition that was supposed to be treated, but also has to deal with injuries, discomfort, and physical trauma that he or she would otherwise not have experienced.

Wrong Site / Wrong Side Surgery

Sometimes, surgeons perform the correct surgery on the wrong side or in the wrong area of the patient’s body. Perhaps they removed the right kidney when it should have been the left. Maybe they operated on a patient's arm when it should have been their leg. These mistakes are easily prevented, but they still happen and the innocent victims deserve compensation when they do.

Object Left in Patient

One of the most common surgical errors occurs when a surgeon or technician leaves a foreign object inside the body of the patient, resulting in discomfort, infection, and sometimes death. Objects can range from sponges and towels to scalpels, tongs, and other surgical tools.

Nerve Damage / Internal Organ Damage

Surgeons must demonstrate extreme caution when operating on a patient. Surgical negligence could lead to permanent nerve damage, artery damage, or internal organ damage. When a surgeon’s hand slips, the patient should not have to suffer the consequences without fair compensation.

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