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While trespassers are often not compensated for any injuries sustained while they crossed into another person’s property, the laws are quite different when the trespasser is a child, unknowingly inserting him or herself into a situation which may lead to a dangerous outcome. Child are curious by nature, which is why they may find themselves exploring areas they shouldn’t, as the hazardous nature of this particular place or item is completely unbeknownst to them.

Children do not have the mental awareness of an adult to realize a property may be dangerous and that they should stay away. This is why property owners may be held liable in case a child is injured by dangerous conditions, especially if that property or area was particularly enticing to the child.

Attractive nuisance claims may include the following and more:

  • Swimming pools
  • Construction sites
  • Fountains or ponds
  • Industrial equipment
  • Open holes
  • Yardwork tools
  • Slides, swings, or playsets
  • Dogs
  • Abandoned cars
  • Abandoned appliances such as refrigerators, dryers, etc.

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