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Motorcyclists are afforded the same rights as other drivers on the road. Cars are expected to respect the right-of-way laws and other traffic laws when it comes to motorcycle riders. But unfortunately, many drivers do not exercise a high level of caution when it comes to sharing the roads with motorcycles.

When this happens, accidents can occur, and the motorcycle rider is often the one left with serious or fatal injuries. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, talk to our team at Hutton & Hutton Law Firm, LLC to find out about filing for compensation and what your claim may be worth.

Motorcycle accident victims often suffer from:

  • Head injuries
  • Spine injuries
  • Muscle or nerve damage
  • Leg injuries
  • Broken bones

Following a motorcycle accident, it is always a good idea to hire a lawyer to fight on your behalf. Our team of Wichita motorcycle accident attorneys is comprised of seasoned litigators and veterans in the field of personal injury law. Get the most cutting-edge guidance from our team today.

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Defective Motorcycle Parts

Dangerously defective automobile parts frequent the news stories for how much devastation and harm they cause motorists but the truth is that all vehicles suffer from similar problems. A negligent motorcycle part manufacturer can put thousands of riders at risk by allowing a poorly-designed or created part hit the market.

When a defective part does cause an accident, it is up to personal injury attorneys and crash scene investigators to determine the cause and establish proof that the part was indeed the source.

There are two types of motorcycle part defects:

  1. Design: There are situations where a motorcycle part should have never been created in the first place. Additional review or preliminary testing should have discovered a major and dangerous flaw in how the part was designed.
  2. Manufacturing: How a part looks on blueprints is not necessarily how it will come off the production line. If assembly workers do not pay careful attention to the manufacturing process, multiple defective motorcycle parts may be shipped to retailers and dealerships without notice.

Motorcycle Right-of-Way Rules

In many police accident reports, drivers who strike motorcyclists often claim that they never saw the motorcycle in the first place. It underlines a widespread problem of drivers simply not knowing the right-of-way rules around motorcycles on the streets.

A motorcycle should be treated as if it is a full-sized car, granted right-of-way when applicable in all situations, such as at multi-stop intersections, left-turns, and merging. People also tend to not “see” a motorcycle despite looking right at it, especially if they are distracted by cellphone use behind the wheel. Expecting to see two headlights and a large, boxy vehicle in their mirrors or blind spots, a driver may virtually look right through a motorcyclist.

Negative Jury Bias in Motorcycle Crash Cases

It is always important to work with an attorney, as we will discuss momentarily, but it is absolutely crucial in motorcycle accident cases due to pervading jury biases that work against motorcyclists. Upon entering a courtroom, motorcycle riders time and time again are seen in a negative shadow by most jurors. It is an attorney’s job to ensure that no one is allowed to rule on your case if they exhibit biased behaviors by rooting them out through pre-trial hearings and jury selections.

What biases do motorcycle riders face from the jury?
  • Recklessness: If you have seen an action movie within the last few decades, you are undoubtedly aware of Hollywood’s fascination with the idea of the wild and reckless motorcycle rider who performs high-risk stunts just for fun. As a motorcyclist, you know how ridiculous this concept may be but jurors do not. When they sit down to hear your case, they may have already decided that you caused the accident because you were speeding, weaving through traffic, or attempting to pull off a trick.
  • Unruly: Another stereotype portrayed by the media that can negatively influence the minds of the jury is that of the dangerous motorcycle gang member. If you were hit while riding your Harley Davidson and have tattoos on your arms, for example, you can bet that at least one person in the jury will see you as an unruly individual who not only caused the accident but also does not deserve to be compensated.
  • Accepted the risk: The last pervading bias against motorcycle riders could be the most common: the false notion that motorcyclists “accept the risks” involved with riding a motorcycle. Jurors can incorrectly believe that motorcycles are dangerous by default, and that a rider will be in an accident at some point or another. This is far from the truth. When handled correctly and following the rules of the road – two behaviors most motorcyclists practice – a motorcycle is no more dangerous than the average automobile.

Why Work with an Attorney?

Motorcycle accident claims are complicated for a couple of reasons. There is often difficulty diagnosing and understanding the full extent of an injury, so many victims will need to consult medical specialists and financial experts to properly assess a victim's injuries in the long-term.

Many will suffer catastrophies injuries and will require extensive medical treatment, which means that these types of claims involve a large settlement. Because accident claims are very expensive for insurance companies, there is usually resistance on the part of the insurance companies to pay out a fair amount.

It is important for you to remember that insurance companies are not working for you, in fact, they are working against you. Their goal is to minimize their payout without having to go to trial. Our attorneys know this, and we know how to approach and negotiate insurance adjustors. If we feel that an offer is unfair, then we are not afraid to push for litigation. Having us on your side can help even the playing field with adjustors so they do not take advantage of your rights.

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