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What is My Car Accident Case Worth?


After getting into a car accident that was due to someone else’s negligence, you should start to take the proper steps to seek compensation for your injuries and repairs. But how is this even done? You can’t hope to point to the damage and receive all that you need by luck. Determining the true value of your case can be much more complicated than that, hinging upon a few major factors.

Extent of the Damages

Obviously, where there is damage, there needs to be recuperation or repairs. Therefore, there needs to be some sort of fair recovery. Keep a record of any and all bills, costs, or fees related to the accident. If you don’t have a second copy, make one now. The financial information on your statements are going to be the baseline of your claim.

As some injuries might not become apparent until months or years later, you really should speak to an attorney about getting multiple medical references. The last thing you want is to experience back pain a couple of years later and have no way to pay for rehabilitation.

Non-Physical Injuries

What many people overlook when they are filing a personal injury claim is the trouble that is not easily identified. Inconveniences – such as missing work or needing to take the bus while your car is repaired – are costly to you in ways of time. You should consider seeking compensation for them.

In addition, it is not uncommon to experience mental trauma after a devastating accident. Are you considering nominal damages to help compensate you for emotional scarring? As this is an area of litigation open to some interpretation, it is best to work closely with a car accident lawyer who can determine a reasonable claim for non-physical injuries.

Strength of Your Claim

It doesn’t matter how much damage was caused to you or your vehicle, if you are found fully liable for the accident, you probably won’t be getting any compensation from the other party. On the flipside, the more you can prove that you were not at fault for the collision, the better your chances of seeing a full recovery. But how do you go about proving liability in something as hectic as a motor vehicle collision?

The wise choice for many people in Kansas has been to come to the Wichita personal injury lawyers from Hutton & Hutton Law Firm, LLC. Ever since our firm was established in 1979, we have been standing by the side of the wrongfully injured and helping them pursue maximum compensation. When all is said in done, we have recovered more than $400 million for our clients through successful case results and settlements.

To discover what we can do for you and what your car accident claim might be worth, call (316) 688-1166 today.