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Truck Driver Blind Spots & How to Stay Out of Them

The average sedan, SUV, or truck has a few blind spots that can hide a full-sized vehicle; drivers who do not check those blind spots are much more likely to cause a car accident. When considering a commercial truck, the danger is magnified tenfold, as a truck driver has significantly more blind spots than the typical driver. In many cases, a trucker does not even have the option to check blind spots. In order to help prevent dangerous truck accidents, every driver should know about a truck’s blind spots and what to do to stay out of them.

The five major commercial truck blind spots are:

  1. Left and slightly behind the driver (comparable to the blind spot of an average car)
  2. One- to two-car lengths directly behind the trailer
  3. Directly in front of the cab (one car length or less)
  4. In front of and adjacent to the cab and one lane to the right
  5. Three complete lanes on the right side, running the entire length of the truck

Hints, tips, and reminders to prevent blind spot accidents with trucks are:

  • No rearview: The cabs of commercial trucks have no rearview mirrors. If you are right behind one, even if it doesn’t have an attached trailer, the trucker probably can’t see you. Increase your distance to about four seconds behind, instead of just three seconds.
  • Pass on left: You are supposed to always pass on the left no matter what vehicle is in front of you, but on the highway, sometimes it just makes more sense to pass on the right. Except for commercial trucks. The blind spots on the right are considerably larger than the left, so you should never pass a big rig on the right.
  • Wide turns: Commercial trucks that need to take right turns cannot see if any cars are next to them. If a large truck is about to turn right on a street intersection, allow it to complete the turn before coming up next to it.
  • No cutting: When you cut off the average driver, you are nearly-asking to get rear-ended. If you cut off a large truck with poor braking capabilities, the worst-case result is practically guaranteed. Only pass in front of the truck if you can leave at least one car-length between you and it.

Legal Help When You Need It

Sometimes respecting and staying out of a commercial truck’s blind spots can still end in a truck accident if the trucker isn’t paying attention. If you are ever hurt by a negligent truck driver, call (316) 688-1166 to connect with Hutton & Hutton Law Firm, LLC. Our Wichita truck accident attorneys are ready to help you learn how you can fight for maximized compensation for your injuries and damages. Let’s begin your case today with a free consultation.

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