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What to Do When Injured on Public Transportation


Common Carrier Laws

No matter what kind of personal injury case you have on your hands, you will virtually always have to prove that someone else’s negligence or failure to act a certain way resulted in your injuries and damages. In addition to this burden of proving negligence, personal injury cases involving public transportation providers also involve common carrier laws.

The term “common carrier” can refer to any system of public transportation, but it primarily refers to buses, trains, cabs, and other roadway vehicles.

In short, common carrier laws dictate that operators of common carrier vehicles are obligated to exercise a greater degree of caution and diligence than other people. In a personal injury case, this typically translates into heightened likelihood of deeming an operator’s error to be negligent, even though an average person making the same mistake would not be deemed negligent for doing so.

To use an example, if a bus driver glances down at the radio or behaves in even a mildly questionable manner (for however brief a moment) and hits a pedestrian or crashes the bus, the court will likely deem them negligent and liable for a claimant’s injuries and damages.

In short, common carriers are subject to greater scrutiny than average drivers or vehicle operators, which may be helpful in your case and in proving their liability for your injuries.

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