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Holiday Car Accident Safety Guide

Wichita might not be synonymous with cold weather and snow but the Kansan city is certainly no stranger to frigid temperatures. As the end of the year draws near and the last holidays of the winter are right around the corner, you might be considering a road trip to visit friends and family in all corners of the state, and beyond. In order to decrease your chances of getting into a car accident as you traverse the icy highways, keep these safety tips in mind:

  • Sliding control: Watch a video of cars slipping on ice and it looks like they have no control of the situation, but the reality is that most drivers just don’t know they have control. If you take your foot off the gas and brake pedals and make slow turns on the wheel towards the direction you want to go, you will find that regaining control of a sliding car is a possibility.
  • 5-second rule: Normally you want to leave about 3-seconds’ worth of space-time between you and the car in front of you. In frozen conditions, extend this gap to 5-seconds or more, as the stopping distances of everyone will increase.
  • Breath test: When does ice actually start to appear on the roads? Knowing the exact temperature might be an uncommon trait, but here’s a good hint: if you can see your breath in the open air, there is probably ice on the road already. Slow down and drive carefully.
  • Tire pressure: The cold wreaks havoc on all sorts of parts of your car, including the tires. Pressure in the tires can drop dramatically as the air inside condenses. This changeup can catch drivers off-guard and cause them to lose control of their vehicles. Check your tire pressure before you head out.

Of course, even the best preparation and the utmost care is not a guarantee that you will avoid a car accident. For this reason, it is important to know what to do in case you do get into one. Know that the Wichita personal injury lawyers can help you file a claim against any negligent drivers that cause you to suffer a car accident this winter. We can also determine if your car’s manufacturer had a defect that might have caused you to careen off the road. Whatever the details of your case, we want to be the ones to front it. Call (316) 688-1166 today for more information about our services and experience.