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What Can I Do if My Car Accident Left Me Paralyzed?


Injuries and Damages Associated with Paralysis

It is terrifying to wake up paralyzed after being in a serious car accident. Paralysis of any kind (even temporary paralysis) tends to strictly limit your capabilities and creates a host of additional problems, including:

  • Lifelong medical costs
  • Inability to work and fulfill job responsibilities
  • Need for long-term treatment to cope with disability
  • Partial or total immobility, which can lead to pneumonia, deep vein thrombosis, and more
  • Bankruptcy and/or substantial debt for paralyzed individuals and family members who help with medical expenses
  • Permanent brain damage and/or mental disability
  • Need for expensive rehabilitation and assistive devices
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Loss of consortium
  • Nerve damage (and more)

If you were in a car accident and have been paralyzed as a result of someone else’s negligent driving, you must seek legal representation as soon as possible. A qualified, seasoned car accident attorney will be able to help you obtain funding for the treatment you need by holding the offending driver responsible for the effects of their recklessness on your life and future.

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