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Choosing the Right Doctor After a Car Accident


When a person is injured, their normal reaction is to visit their trusted family doctor, get patched up, and continue on their way. This is perfectly acceptable in most scenarios, as many individuals and families have already established a relationship and level of trust with a particular medical professional and will rarely see another doctor unless necessary for specialized treatment. After sustaining an injury in a car accident, however, many individuals are caught off guard and are left bewildered to find out that their trusted family doctor refuses to treat them. Why is this the case?

While a person may have a great level of familiarity and history with their doctor, it is usually better for both a patient to see a physician who specializes in treating injuries sustained in car accidents – both as a means of identifying and treating all injuries and to work with a doctor who is familiar with the accident claim process. Insurance companies often require a considerable amount of paperwork and evidence before they will pay out a patient’s claim, including photographs of injuries, statements, and records of timely treatments after an accident. The average family doctor will more than likely lack the experience or knowledge to adequately provide an accident victim with the amount of documentation they need.

Family doctors may also refuse to treat accident victims due to a reluctance to get involved with possible litigation. Car accident cases that cannot be settled may sometimes require a court trial, causing a claimant’s treating physician to be subpoenaed or deposed. This can become incredibly time consuming and prevent a doctor from being able to treat their regular patients. As such, family doctors will often avoid this responsibility and refer accident victims to specialists who are more familiar with the legal system and will most likely be able to present a better case on their patient’s behalf.

Finally, billing can be an issue. While family doctors are often familiar with the process of billing health insurance companies, auto insurance companies have a completely different set of rules and regulations which can create considerable confusion. For this reason, your physician may wish to save themselves the headache and simply refer you to a specialist.

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