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KS Train Derailment Likely Caused by Bend in Rail


An Amtrak train traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago that derailed in the early morning hours of March 14th, 2016 may have occurred due to a bend in the rail. The derailment occurred about 160 miles outside of Wichita and resulted in five train cars falling onto their side, causing injuries to 32 of the 131 total passengers and 14 crew. Two of the injured passengers were airlifted to a hospital in Amarillo, Texas and are currently in critical condition. As of 10:40 a.m., 29 of the injured passengers have been treated and released.

According to government investigators, an engineer noticed a “significant bend” in the rail and pulled the emergency brakes before the derailment. Passengers aboard the train have been quoted saying they heard strange noises for about 20 minutes before the train left the tracks, as if something had come loose from the train. Estimates from U.S. officials indicate the train was traveling at 75 mph when the brakes were engaged, though an interview with a passenger who was using a smartphone app that measures the speed of trains claims that the app showed the train maintained a speed of 85 to 90 mph for hours prior to the derailment.

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