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Who Had the Right of Way?

Many accidents that occur on the roadways are preventable and, in some cases, the result of a lack of understanding regarding who has the right of way. Technically, the law does not actually grant the right of way, but rather states to whom other drivers must yield. Even if a driver is required to yield to you, you should never insist on this since it could easily lead to an accident. If you have a driver’s license, your knowledge of this was tested, but many often forget as the years pass and need to sharpen up that their knowledge when it comes to the rules of the road.

Here are some examples in which you must yield to others:

  • You are at a yield sign
  • There are pedestrians in a crosswalk
  • There is an individual who is using a seeing-eye guide dog
  • There is an individual who is using a white cane
  • You are at an uncontrolled intersection where vehicles are already in the intersection
  • You are at a “T” intersection and there are vehicles on the through road
  • You are turning left and there are pedestrians or oncoming cars
  • You are pulling out of a parking space to return to the roadway

Regardless if a pedestrian is in a crosswalk or jaywalking, you must yield to them. Just because they are breaking the law does not mean you should insist on your right of way. Anytime you can prevent an accident, even if it means yielding to another who should have yielded to you, you should do so. Not only is this the right thing to do, but you could be held partially liable for the accident.

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