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Hutton & Hutton Investigating Claims for Kidney Failure and Cardiovascular Injuries After Taking The Drug Invokana

Launched in 2013, Invokana has already reached "Blockbuster" status and is on track to exceed $1 Billion in 2015 sales.

Invokana is a drug touted as the first in the newest class of medicines that work differently to significantly lower blood sugar (A1C) in adults with type 2 diabetes. A recent FDA Public Health Advisory reveals that the SGL2-inhibitor Invokana is associated with diabetic ketoacidosis in otherwise healthy patients. Adverse event reports and clinical trial data also show that Invokana is linked with cardiovascular injuries and kidney failure.

The drug lawyers at Hutton & Hutton are investigating claims for clients who may have suffered these life-altering injuries as a result of taking a drug which they took in the hopes of preventing those exact injuries.
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