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Hutton & Hutton Chosen to Represent Wichita in Opioid Litigation Efforts

Last month, a groundbreaking opioid case out of Oklahoma made headlines across the United States. Now, the City of Wichita is fighting back against the opioid epidemic with the help of Hutton & Hutton Law Firm, LLC. Our firm has been selected by the city to lead the case, one of many coming out of the Northern District of Ohio. Our very own Andrew Hutton and Matt Dwyer will serve as point-people for the case, which will likely be high profile and create waves nationwide, and which aims to hold manufacturers responsible for the unprecedented drug epidemic.

Everyday, the opioid crisis claims the lives of more than 130 U.S. citizens. While most people have been exposed to the horrors of opioid addiction, either directly or indirectly, many of them do not realize that opioid manufacturers deliberately mislead the medical field in favor of their own earnings. In the 1990s, manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson flooded the market with opioids by underselling the risks of opioid addiction, overselling the benefits of their drug, and pushing the painkillers on as many doctors as possible.

According to the recent trial, these manufacturers were fully aware of the risks associated with opioid painkillers and proceeded anyway. With false marketing claims, the companies sold a “magic pill” in exchange for a quick profit. From 1999 to 2016, more than 350,000 people died from legal and illegal opioids. Many patients, after being prescribed opioids, turned to illegal alternatives like heroin once their prescriptions ran out. Prescribing medications like the brand-name OxyContin, Opana, Subsys, Fentora, and Duragesic; and the generic oxycodone, methadone, and fentanyl created a slippery slope to illegal drugs. Whether taken upon prescription or not, opioids of any kind are extremely addictive, dangerous, and often fatal.

At Hutton & Hutton Law Firm, LLC, we believe someone should be held accountable for inciting this public tragedy. While Attorneys Andrew Hutton and Matt Dwyer fight for justice at the city-level, the rest of our firm is here for people like you.

If you have been affected by the opioid crisis and believe your addiction or loss was in any way influenced by a negligent prescription, schedule a free consultation today. Calling our attorneysat (316) 688-1166 could be the first step in winning a lucrative medical malpractice case.

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