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How to Handle Car Insurance Companies After an Auto Accident


At some point after being in a car accident, your car insurance provider is going to need to know what happened. For many people, the process of dealing with insurance companies is even more stressful than the actual accident, especially in cases where injuries were minimal but damage to the vehicles were high. Concerns can spike if the insurance provider of the other driver wants to talk to you as well. What you say and when you say it can noticeably influence the end result of your car accident claim, so it is crucial you have the right idea going into any talks.

When Should I Talk to a Car Insurance Company?

Speaking with your own car insurance company as soon as possible is usually a good idea since the details of the accident are fresh in your mind. But picking up the phone the second the scene has calmed down and dialing them might not be in your best interest. If you know the number of a good car accident attorney, you may want to call them first to get a brief consultation about what you can expect from the following phone call to your insurer. As far as insurance companies representing other drivers go, you should never speak to them directly without first talking to a lawyer; they will not be on your side, no matter what they tell you.

What Should I Say to My Car Insurance Provider?

Keep the initial phone call fairly basic and to the point. Let them know you were in a car accident caused by another driver. At so preliminary a stage, you don’t need to worry about absolute proof of liability, so you should clearly state that the other driver was at fault. Don’t say that you think or believe it was their fault – say that it was – and an investigator will sort out the details later.

What you really need to avoid is anything that can be interpreted as an admission of guilt, or a direct acceptance of liability. Your insurance company might do their best to help you – that’s what you pay them for – but if you tell them “I caused the crash”, they need to relay that information to the other driver’s insurer. Essentially, you dig yourself into a liability hole you can’t fully escape. By keeping the conversation brief, you should hopefully avoid any complications or misstatements that could nip you later.

Trusted Legal Guidance When You Need It Most

Hutton & Hutton Law Firm, LLC can provide you with dependable, compassionate, and knowledgeable legal representation and counsel after being hurt in a car accident. As soon as you get a chance after the collision, you should dial (316) 688-1166 to speak with our Wichita car accident attorneys. During a free initial consultation, we can explain your legal options and what you should probably do next to strengthen your chances of receiving maximized compensation.