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Two Workers Pronounced Dead Following Wichita Industrial Accident

Emergency responders were sent to a chemical processing plant owned by Occidental Chemical Corporation, sometimes referred to as OxyChemical, near Wichita in late June 2016. Two workers were reported to have fallen off a boom truck or “cherry picker truck” while on-the-job; the official make and model of the boom truck has not been released to the public. Both men were pronounced dead at the scene.

OxyChemical, the contractor that owned the boom truck, and the sheriff’s office are still investigating the industrial accident. It is unclear if or when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will get involved to investigate the accident as well. Officials were quick to note that the incident posed no harm to the public, no chemicals were released, and no facilities that house chemicals were damaged.

(A full article was posted by KWCH12 here.)

There are some concerns about what may have led to the fatal accident, however. In particular, the mechanical failure of the boom truck may have been preventable with regular maintenance and inspection. If there is a lack of maintenance records onsite, OxyChemical may be partially liable for the accident. The workers were also contracted, not regular employees, meaning their surviving family members may be unable to collect any sort of wrongful death benefits as part of a workers’ compensation package.

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