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Bed Sores and Nursing Home Neglect


Are Bed Sores a Symptom of Nursing Home Neglect?

Bedsores (also called cutaneous or pressure ulcers) are wounds or sores that develop on the skin as a result of prolonged inadequate blood flow to an area of the body. These are a direct consequence of immobility, making them more common among senior adults living in nursing homes.

While nursing home staff may not be able to increase residents’ ability to move about unassisted, they have a responsibility to prevent bed sores and related complications among immobile patients by doing the following:

  • Helping patients turn over in bed
  • Ensuring patients have adequate cushioning for ulcer-prone areas (lower back, shoulders, back of head, etc.)
  • Performing risk assessment in order to determine and respond to individual patients’ likelihood of developing bed sores
  • Performing regular visual inspections of residents’ skin
  • Documenting existing bed sores and taking action to curb their development
  • Providing proper nutrition and ensuring adequate intake of nutrients and fluids

Not all bed sores are necessarily the result of nursing home neglect. However, they are largely preventable when nursing home staff are appropriately vigilant. If your loved one has developed bed sores and related infections or other medical complications, we may be able to help you hold nursing home staff and administrators responsible for failing to preserve your loved one’s health.

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