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Accepting Testosterone Therapy Drug Injury Cases

New Research Suggests that Testosterone Drugs Linked to Increased Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

The FDA recently announced the launch of an investigation of the cardiovascular risks associated with testosterone therapy. The medical safety alert is to warn men of potential risks and/or side effects associated with testosterone therapy.

Studies have shown that, as early as one month and up to the first 90 days after starting testosterone therapy, dangerous blood clots can occur. Further the risk for men over the age of 65 doubles for a heart attack. There is a nearly triple the risk of suffering a serious or fatal complication for men under 65 years of age that have pre-existing heart disease. The risk to men, with unknown inherited clotting disorders, is higher for developing clots. These cardiovascular risks are generally not set forth in the product labels.

Testosterone therapy was approved by the FDA to treat abnormally low testosterone levels. However, some of the manufactures of these products are promoting their use for conditions not necessarily related to low testosterone levels, such as energy loss, mood changes, reduced sex drive, among others. These conditions may not be related to low testosterone but simply the aging process, not properly dieting and exercising or other reasons. Because of these aggressive marketing strategies, the estimated sales of testosterone drugs are projected to reach $5 billion by 2017.

These products include:

Androgel®, Androderm®, Fortestra®,

Axiron®, Testim®, Bio-T-Gel®, Delatestryl®,

Depo-Testosterone®, Striant®, and Testopel®.

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